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Glass doors have become quite the commodity in the UK. We are proud to be able to offer the highest quality and dependable products on the market. Fully retractable, sliding glass doors have many applications and homeowners and businesses all over the country have found them to be extremely satisfying. Clear glass views are enabled by slim frames, while a thermally efficient design enables users to experience lower heating costs. Just how can you add these glass doors to your property? There does not seem to be any limitations. The products can accommodate interior and exterior applications and be fit just about anywhere you would see a door or even a large glass window.


Frameless Glass Doors, fully retractable and versatile:

A sliding door is convenient wherever you put it. The best thing about frameless glass doors is they take up little space. They look amazing and when you fold them out, the panel does not take up much more room than its own size. This is in contrast to traditional doors that are bulky and require a lot of room volume to open all the way. The sliding doors are most commonly used as patio entrances. An almost completely clear glass view makes for great aesthetics in a room. You can look directly out to the environment and enjoy views of the mountains or beach, or whatever the attractive surroundings are that brought you here in the first place.


Internal Uses for Interior Glass Doors:

Folding glass doors are also ideal for internal use. They don’t necessarily have to be a barrier between the interior and exterior environment, although they’re perfectly suited for that purpose. Many people install them as room dividers in their houses. This does many things. A room divider can be built in for privacy, or it can be opened up to increase the amount of room in the house. Doing so can accommodate many guests or simply make the home more open and comfortable. Interior installations are just as efficient as keeping warm or cool air in specific rooms as they are for doing that in an entire house. 

Interior glass doors are also becoming commonplace in the office. Walls are often used as partitions in office spaces. With a slim frame and nearly complete glass coverage, our doors create an inviting feel and even when smaller departments are separated, you feel as if the space is open and vibrant. In fact, our glass internal doors are tough enough to stand up as entire glass walls. Many contemporary architects are integrating them into building designs for both houses and commercial establishments. Even street shops are using the glass doors for their entire facades. Our doors look great and are strong and durable enough to withstand rigorous conditions while lasting for the long haul.


Other benefits of Glass Sliding Doors:

Any glass door in our catalog can also be modified to be an entrance to a balcony. Some customers are even building complete swimming pool enclosures out of these doors. They are insulating, strong, and attractive. You can therefore enjoy a nice swim on any afternoon. It can be cool outside, and the ability of our glass to keep the natural heat in can brighten any day. Even on sultry hot days, you can be comfortably warm and also go for a swim. For further information on other products please see here.

Our doors also have a Grade “A” level of energy efficiency. Some people are renovating their homes to be more energy efficient by installing our glass internal doors. We offer a choice of single- and double-glazing, plus various types of glass such as solar, Pilkington, 4 seasons, and self-cleaning glass. The nature of the materials reduces the demand on energy systems. Allowing more sunlight in means natural light and heating. Keep the lights off for longer, turn off the heater for a while, and obviously the bills will go down. By making your home more energy efficient, it means being more comfortable. You might also pay the utilities less, reduce carbon emissions into the air, and take advantage of potential tax credits and savings.


Truly versatile, suitable for any Commercial or Residential Application:

Customers in many different climates also make use of our glass doors. They hold up in extreme weather conditions. It can be really hot or really cold and the same door can provide you with the safety even in the unpredictable weather of the UK. Single door panels are simple and often do the trick. We can install up to 10 panels in a complete system. Each opens individually. Just open the access panel and slide each successive panel. All of the panels can be moved to one side without intruding on your space and without any claustrophobia.

Aside from the convenience and efficiency benefits, customers are finding We Care Glass doors to be attractive additions to their home. They can make it more inviting for guests. Another aspect is they can increase the value of a home. This is good in many ways. Homeowners should take pride in their investment. Down the road, the appeal, energy efficiency, and functionality of folding glass doors can increase the market value of a house or even a commercial property. If you’re selling your home at some point, each glass door can in fact increase the appraisal value and you may end up selling at a higher price than otherwise.


Used by Architects and Building Contractors Accross the UK:

Building designers and remodelers are also making use. Since our glass sliding doors can be used in nearly unlimited applications, they are finding unique ways of integrating them and contributing to the success of the overall industry. There are many innovative architectural designs featuring glass, and these often are made possible by such doors and windows with the designs and technology we offer.


Security Benefits of frameless glass doors 

Additionally, our frameless glass doors maximize security and safety. High-tech locking systems and strength add to the appeal, while an array of handle, colour, and glass options make for a versatile product. We can customize each glass door to your needs, so the applications are really not limited and it is quite possible you may find another one to add to the list.


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