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Patio doors come in all shapes and sizes. A modern approach is the slimline patio door, which provides homeowners and others with numerous benefits. While bi-fold patio doors have grown in popularity over the years, their slimline counterparts are building their own market share. We Care Glass offers the easiest access to this kind of product line and even manufactures each order in its own facility, just as it does with the popular sliding patio doors. The benefits are immense, not to mention maximizing the aesthetic value of any given room. Approximately 90% of the coverage is clear glass, as bulky frames and hardware have all but been eliminated from the design. Brightening the light in any room makes it much more appealing and brightens the mood with nature’s most basic and enduring element – sunlight.


Configurable Sliding Patio Door Systems

Custom designed bi-fold patio doors afford many options. Slimline systems are just as flexible. One-panel configurations are common, but the company can install patio doors in up to 10 panels to cover large spaces. When combined in a series, We Care Glass can effectively cover openings as wide as eight meters. In fact, these doors can be matched up with any type of house or décor and the customer gets the same experience. Another part of the equation is the usability factor. The sliding panels enable the user to open the door and the panel hardly needs any additional space other than its own volume. An innovative sliding mechanism helps conserve space as well, so homeowners can open up larger areas than was previously possible.


Energy Savings on Bi Fold Patio Doors

Although energy savings isn’t something people often attribute to doors, We Care Glass’ slimline and bi fold patio doors do just that. More glass coverage means more room for sunlight to get in. The added light heats up the interior more effectively than home heating systems. That means lower bills from utility companies and a lower amount of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere, both from the home’s energy use and that of power companies. Drafts are minimized as well, reducing strain on home utilities.


A great alternatives to UPVC

At one time UPVC was popular. Aluminium patio doors have a slimmer design and are more practical in today’s economy. Are the bills adding up? You are not alone. Value can be added to any home by installing bifold patio doors with a slimline design. No more bulky frames that occupy quite a bit of space and are not as attractive. In fact, we can adapt the width, height, and any dimension to the customer’s requirements, making any patio door a one-of-a-kind solution based on years of industry experience.


Flexibility - Internal and External Applications:

Our bi folding patio doors, being as slim as they are, can fit in the tightest of spaces. You can have them installed inside rooms or facing the outside. A weather protection system ensures these last as long as possible under the most difficult of outside conditions. Rain or snow, the doors will hold up and keep you comfortable inside no matter what the temperature is behind the glass. The great thing is you can install double glazed patio doors on a balcony or terrace. French patio doors work just as well. Our slimline portfolio is just as suited for use as swimming pool enclosures. Offices and shops have successfully implemented them as well.


Durability of our Folding Patio Doors:

Through and through, our slimline aluminium patio doors are built to survive. From double glazed “K” toughened glass to a three-point security locking system, they provide just what any homeowner needs to achieve peace of mind. Thermally broken aluminium and powder coated aluminium holding rails increase the versatility too. Extensive use and even attempted break ins won’t keep these doors down.


Built and Designed by Experts:

The patio doors UK customers depend on are built by many companies. Our business is different because our entire team has years of experience. Not only are our slimline patio doors strong and convenient. They are also custom made for each order. First, we send out a team to measure your space. The entire assembly is then custom manufactured at our facility and then installed within four weeks. Everything is designed according to the customer’s needs. The best thing is we measure, manufacture, deliver, and install the entire assembly with expert hands. For information on other products we manufacture please click here.


Patio Door Options: 

The benefits of our product line have no particular boundary. Our options mean you can further customize the slimline door and have a completely unique and personalized system. All RAL colours are available for the rails, while four different types of glass are available. Solar, Pilkington, 4 seasons, and self cleaning glass types can be integrated. Double glazed doors can have integral blinds, fully contained within the panes, and with a choice of operating mechanisms. You can also select particular handles. No other supplier in the UK offers such diversity and selection for its customers.


Longevity and Product Aftercare:

An extremely durable design means our slimline patio sliding doors can stand up to the elements. Years of abuse, weather extremes, and use in urban or coastal environments will not hamper the quality and function of these doors. This yields further cost savings. You won’t have to replace the doors anytime soon and there is little maintenance save for wiping the glass with a damp cloth once in a while. The frustration of having to do renovations every couple of years is avoided as well as these disruptions won’t affect daily life. 

Bi-folding patio doors are one of the greatest modern inventions. There aren’t too many other innovations that have impacted the homeowner as much as the slimline patio door. No matter what season of the year, or type of house or commercial establishment, our patio doors are the perfect solution. Customers also benefit from the highest grade of efficiency. We install patio doors anywhere in the UK whether customers need a supply only approach or full installation. Any customer requirement is accommodated as our expertise covers the full range of services in the industry.

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